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I know the world turns and it will turn on me
I get so wrapped up in the internet that I end up not saying anything out loud for longer than I'd like. I assume I'm not the only one. Sometimes it's interesting to remember what the last words I actually spoke out loud were.

Mine were, "Oi, where's my brownie?" Not sure why I said that aloud when I was addressing myself and no one else could hear. But it's kinda funny anyway.

How about you? Do you remember?
(Weird thread idea? Idk.)


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
Sometimes I end up whispering my thoughts when I'm like imagining the conversations I would have with people. But I'll start and stop randomly, so I just whispered "...thinking about the..." to myself, but now that I typed the out I don't remember what I was even thinking about.

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Trying to remember what it could have been....... must have been something to my sister when she in my room. one of the last things were don't believe everything anyone says to you or something along those lines.

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