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Most recent thing you said aloud


Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen
"Well, I guess it is good for Michigan mental patients too, because I was just outside and I am fine."

My mom is reading this book and it said something like, "Evidently the Pennsylvania legislation thinks fresh air is good for mental patients"


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
"Hello, sleepy snek." (To my roommate's one ball python who is curled up in the corner of her tank. She is cute :) I am sitting next to her tank in the living room.)


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
Probably "okay" or "thanks." My roommate is headed out to a friend's house overnight, and he took out the trash even though it was my week to do it. He reminded me, though, that I can just bring any trash I might have in my room out and put it in the can by the curb.

I wanna die!

I live alone so I can say this whenever the mood strikes me.
:( I hope you will be okay. I have to admit I say that a lot. Sometimes I will say it relatively loudly because my roommate is often away at work and at those times I usually have the house to myself. But when he is at home or even when I'm out in public I will end up saying things like that anyway, just a little quieter. Often I will progress to "I'm going to kill myself," even if I don't really mean it.


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
The lyrics to "Yeah, Oh Yeah" by the Magnetic Fields. Was going to ask if singing counted but then I remembered that I made the thread so I can make that decision myself :)

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