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When I say 'relationship' I mean the connection you have with somebody (or something, or pets). Like, relationships in general. When I say 'relationship' on here it's automatically assumed I mean in a I'm not sure if the word is romantic or sexual way- boyfriend/girlfriend/dating.
I wonder why that is.
I try to specify "romantic relationship" when that's what I mean because clearly "relationships" mean much much more than "romantic"


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Maybe both!!;)!! ^^ I F - sorry! (The game of sweet revenge!) :D // good luck!!!! & those two little dot things above the letter “kind of like with Motley Crue,” or the “u” in Gluck ; ) beautiful ~ there! I said it— is aid it; I did . . (;


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Sorry- totally inappropriate for this particular thread topic thing-a-ma-jig!!!! Na na na na na nah nah... nanananananahNa... (gettin’ jiggy wit’ it!) little know n fact: I actually much prefer his music to his movies; yes, I know I am in the minority! I don’t need your authority cuz I wanna be the minority . . . :)


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I'm thinking about how I want to hear Rick Maguire of the band Pile cover "Torn" (the song made famous by Natalie Imbruglia) again, but I think he only played it on an Instagram live show a month or two ago. There don't seem to be any existing recordings of him playing it, unfortunately.
I should call out my stepfather anytime he's on his baseless rants. But if I do that, he might turn the frustration on the causes I support.

I don't want to do more harm than good. But I don't want to be the coward who looks the other way either. I'm a grown ass man, and a grown ass man should fight for what he believes in.
For a long time, I've been struggling to accept myself as a good person.
Often, I don't think I am. I made too many mistakes. I've been aggressive, cold and cruel. And in the future, I will be guilty of this once more.

But I remind myself that if I were truly so vile, then I wouldn't have worried so much about my morality. My desire to outshine my shadows allows my spirit to flourish, find peace. And though it may fade quickly, it'll come back to me.


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Ironic, how much inconvenience I have to endure to stay alive, when I'm this ambivalent about living in the first place.

I haven't told anyone this: when the heart attack happened, after I figured out that it wasn't just a really bad panic attack, it took me about twenty minutes of going back and forth over whether I should just let it happen before I asked for a ride to the ER. It was the thought of my parents' faces when they found me that convinced me to go.

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