My great-uncle

My both grandfathers have been long dead before I was born. I’ve never met them. There was, instead, my mother’s uncle. He was married with my mom’s mother. He has been like a grandfather to me ever since then.

Me and my siblings spent so much time with him and my grandmother in my childhood. Fishing, woodcutting, card games, swimming, boating, snow removal, tobogganing, cooking, eating together and many more. Those were the happiest moments of my life.

His condition became so bad he spent his last days in a hospital. Once, while sleeping in the hospital, he asked about me. He asked have I done woodcutting. He saw a dream about me doing woodcutting with him, just like in my childhood. However, I wasn’t doing any woodcutting at all during that time. I was living far away from him. Just a few days later my mom called me. He has passed out.

In his funeral me and my siblings got a speech about him. Our speech was about how dear and valuable he has been to us. In my part of the speech I told to the audience how he has been doing so much efforts to achieve good things for us. Like building a cabin where we used to spend our summer days in my childhood. I also told how valuable those efforts were, especially when he shared those efforts with my grandmother.

So much years has passed since his death. Without him my hardships would've been much heavier for me. I cannot even remember what was the very last thing I said to him personally. I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to him.


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So sorry for your loss of your great uncle. He sounds like a wonderful man who gave you and your siblings so much love. I hope that your mind heart and soul are continued to be filled with the happy moments that you shared with him and bring you some comfort. He lives on through you and your siblings and so will always be with you. Sending you hugs.

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