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Reasons to live

When I am feeling down i imagine that i am flying through the universe. And try to grasp the magnitude of it. See the earth as a small sphere on an ocean of spheres. And yet how beautiful it is because it has all kinds of life and feelings and colours. And my problems then seems less important for that moment. Also I think where I was a year before. How thinks have changed so much. For good or for bad. And this gives me hope. That nothing is permanent. And I can move past any kind of bad situatiom I may am


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The cafe is warping my mind. All I can think of as reasons to live is chocolate cake and good coffee. I’m getting some chocolate biscuits!!
sorry you feel like this. you know, I wouldnt wanna miss you on here. You make a difference to so many on here and maybe it needs to be repeated that all you are doing on here is appreciated. I hope you will find a reason and until you feel a little better imagine that I hold you and keep you warm and safe. Hugs, Anne
I have one little, cute reason to go on living for. But honestly, sometimes I wish I had no reason. Which ashames me a bit. It is like storm on the one side and thunder on the other side and I am in between and getting split more and more into two pieces of complete contrariness.


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My reason to live is probably pretty stereotypical but it’s my friends and my boyfriend and my adopted family. They would all be devastated if I decided to leave. My boyfriend in particular is an amazing person. He doesn’t suffer from any mental illnesses, is smart, good looking, and could have any girl he wanted but he chose me and seems determined to stick with me.
There’s also so many places I want to go, both with him, and solo. I’ve always had the travel bug and there’s just so much to see in the world.


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What gives me a reason to live is my hobby. Why? Because the hobby involves socializing. The big drawback is always the availability of other people, so I get to do it only once a week. If I can find somebody with whom I can do it several times a week, then my life will be complete. But when I realize that everybody has some pain and disappointment, then I tolerate the disappointment and just keep trying and appreciate what I have.


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My boyfriend. Even though I often feel he would be better off without me, and constantly fear that he will break up with me. He has always been extremely supportive, but I don't feel I deserve him.


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What keeps me alive is because I have a goal that I have to achieve. In order to achieve that goal, I obviously have to stay alive. Sure, it's a struggle but I've learned>> Even while working towards my goal, I can still feel good.

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