Saying - No - to depression

"Kill it! Kill it with fire!"


Depression might seem... really dark, inescapable, painful, lonely, smothering, devouring. I used to live with a depression that I thought, I will never escape, and I still do think that. Four suicide attempts, I was looking for a method for the fourth attempt when I found this forum.
I am thinking to go on really, really light medication. However, all in all, I do believe that the depression starts within You. Something inside of you damaged the brain to dysfunction. There is a natures "law" which is, mentalism. First, there is a thought, then it can manifest. There are experiments done by real scientists, that prove that thoughts influence matter. We all know that by now.
So your mind (at least in depression) is the most powerful medicine.
I did some small changes that got me out of self-hating, lying in bed all day and scorning the world. When I get myself to feel better, I can work seriously on the issue.
Ok, here we go.

1. There is nothing wrong with you.

When suffering from depression we often think that we are a burden, that we are rotten and we contaminate the world by our existence alone. We may think that we are losers and so on. Stop thinking that there is something wrong with you.
So you feel, horrible. You can deal with that, in time, don't panic! Maybe some people tell you that it's wrong to be sad, but you have to feel how you feel, only then you can heal the problem. Don't sacrifice yourself to others, and push or mask your depression from yourself because feeling that way is "wrong"
Give it time.

2. Laugh

Serious, not so gay as it sounds. When depressed a lot of people suffer from apathy, its when nothing really appeals to you. I had been too dealing with this my whole life. But recently I discovered that I can find something to laugh about and The emptiness goes away. Watch, read, do something that makes you laugh, all day if possible. Every day. The one who denies that laughter is not a medicine, he probably doesn't have a soul or something. So laugh, laugh, laugh! Even if you think you can't, search for something. Look for that youtuber, that movie, that video game, that book, that activity that will crack you up. If you are ready you will look and you will find, If you are not ready, just give it time.

3. Get off caffeine!!! :mad:
Oh, man. I used to drink 5 to 9 cups of coffee a day. Yep. If you are one of those people, quit! Caffeine just makes you angry, stressed, confused and etc. A real depression inducer. No caffeine at all is perfect. I did quit altogether and I feel much better. It's such a relief. Now when I drink a strong coffee or an energy drink, I see instantly that I become restless and negative. I sleep much better too, obviously.

4. Continue laughing!

5. Move
I'm not talking about HC fitness stuff. If you have lied in bed and felt like garbage for months now, start small. Get out of bed and do at least a 10-minute stretching. You can look up a video on youtube, it's much more fun that way, it's like having an instructor. So start from 10 to 30 minutes, and eventually work up to an hour a day. Moving your body is just a lifesaver. of course, moving it in a healthy way. Running around like batshit crazy at work does not count as exercise. What you need is various and correct muscle exercises, breathing and fun in doing the movements.

6. Do something good.

Feed a homeless kitty or a doggy etc. Help someone with small or serious tasks, if they need help. Talk to someone who is lonely and wish them a good day (you better mean it!), plant something. Write a thank you letter to someone (on paper), give flowers to someone, (though, you don't have to spend money to be nice btw.) Donate stuff, etc.
Do something good each day so you could see that you can make a difference, interact with people and that you are worth. I woke up today and felt like doing something nice, so I am writing this post. Maybe it will help someone, and that Is awesome!
Do have good intentions, don't force yourself to be nice. That's just the rest of the society.

And remeber, the changes inside of you are really importaint, start small and things will buil up! Give yourself time.

Thank You for checking this out!

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