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I just got this warning everytime I tried to log on. the certificate can't be confimed or has expired. it said someone is tricking me and trying to steal my info etc. it's only this site so I don't think it's my computer. I came anyhow because I trust this site but if it happens to others it may scare them away for ever especially new members. just checking. mike


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I'm sure someone who can fix it all up will be along. I don't have a viable workaround for you. I've made some network adjustments on my end and that increased connection time, but did not solve the problem. Chrome doesn't seem to want to connect at all. Edge will connect better with some development network changes. Hopefully we are up and running as normal soon. Hang in there everyone.


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I've been trying to clear the browsing data in my phone. My car got hit from behind today, anxiety like wow. As long as no one is stealing personal info.

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