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So alone

Lately, I've been seeing the bad side of things a lot more and just isolating myself. My relationship feels so one-sided now even though not even 3 months ago he proposed. which honestly I feel was just him realizing he loved me but he never wants to listen to me but I always listen to him but then when I talk to him about it he says he does want to listen. on some level, i think I know I'm being manipulated but I don't have the strength to leave him I don't think I ever will. I mean I love this man but its killing me. this may all just be because I'm in a depressive episode (i have bipolar disorder) and normally I would never come to a place like this but my friends just don't care anymore or at least it feels that way. They are just never there when I need them to be and when they are I don't feel its really helpful. I wish someone would stick up for me like how I stick up for everyone in my life. Now I'm just rambling but all and all I just feel so down and so alone. I just don't know what to do anymore.
Sorry to hear that you are going through this Moonshadow

my friends just don't care anymore or at least it feels that way
I think it can be hard to get emotional support from friends about mental health issues, especially if they don't have an illness themselves. It seems like most people just don't have the maturity to talk about these things.

It may help if you can build a network of support. So maybe a therapist if you don't have one, maybe a relative, this forum, and then maybe a new friend or see if you can lean on your friends a little bit.

By building a network, there's always somebody out there when you need them, and you never put too much pressure on any one person.

Do you feel like your relationship could be fixed, or that it would be something that you would be better off leaving?
Maybe you could try going to relationship counseling, if he would agree to that
Well, im 17 so I don't know how that would work. Any relationship tips though. All I can really say is he says he loves me but cant show it well. he shows it with the small things sometimes but other times his body language is just so off.

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