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Thank you message

Hi members of SF 👋 I might be over-doing it here but I wanted to just thank the group as a whole for existing in the first place, and the awesome community that has been cultivated here. This is very much first and foremost because of the guidelines that have been set in place and the admins and mods who are vigilant and keep things in order here. The support and care I see and feel for other members is really touching and heartwarming and has impacted me greatly in the very short 2 weeks I’ve been here. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to help other people who share their raw and true feelings, made possible by the absolute anonymity this website promotes. I’ve helped and been helped, seen people with much larger issues than me but my small problems by comparison were never ridiculed.. As most others I was not in a good place when I found this group. I don’t remember what exactly I was looking up besides that it had to do with Suicide and I must have worded my search differently than the many times before because that was the first time this came up in the results. Anyway,
I decided today to go give therapy another shot and finally made an appointment to see someone. I know I wouldn’t have taken that step without my experience here.
This is by no means a success story, I’m still in the dark place I was 2 weeks ago with depression, anxiety, and an addiction. But I’ve encouraged others to go to therapy here and how can I do that and not go myself? Here’s to hope and trying to stay alive. Thanks all, I’ll be sticking around to continue to help and be helped. 😁💙🖤


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Thank you for sharing this @Lastsunset we're glad you found us. I hope you find a helpful therapist. Congrats on making this decision, it's important that we keep trying different things until we find something that works. Many {{hugs}} and good luck!


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Every success story starts somewhere. Sounds like you're on your way :) We're so glad you're here.

P.S. I've got mail from you but holy bananas, I'm working on ya. Promise. Be back in a bit.


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I'm delighted SF has provided you with much needed comfort and support, i'm happy to hear you made a therapy appointment, that is a great start. Keep the successes coming *hug SF is awesome *yes

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