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thinking i need medication again


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a while back i was on a lot of medication. i was admitted to the hospital for tachycardia and confusion and the doctors thought it was seratonin syndrome from the high doses of latuda and lexapro. my bloodwork was normal, but we found that with the combined extreme anxiety i was dealing with plus all the stratera i was on, my heart was going into overdrive and wouldnt calm down. my psychiatrist put me on a medication washout, all except my topamax for seizures. the withdrawal was hell because he cut me off cold turkey and i ended up getting admitted to the psych ward for withdrawal, and the doctor there tried to put me on lithium, but it never happened.
i havent been back to school since the hospitalization. my anxiety has been so severe and i cant sleep at night and my flashbacks and dissociation have been getting worse. i tried to ask my psychiatrist for some xanax at least so i can calm down but he wouldnt prescribe it. im not sure if i should seek a second opinion or not.


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Oh man, going off med cold-turkey. That sucks! It leaves you in such a mess you can hardly function at all. I am so sorry that happened to you. Have you told your doc how badly your feeling? Maybe he could prescribe a different med. Or maybe he would prescribe just a few xanax at a time. So he wouldn't worry about you taking too many. Please do seek a second opinion. It can't do any harm. Just be honest about how the medications effected you before so you don't wind up in the same situation. Have you tried a hot shower and quiet music to maybe help you for a few minutes. Maybe get a massage somewhere. Anything to bring a touch of relief.


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Oh yes, definitely seek a second opinion if you feel you need it. Cold turkey is really bad for you. I also have anxiety at night, having a warm bath helps, so does putting lavender on your pillow, and exercising before bed, listening to relaxation tapes (plenty of them on youtube) and most importantly talking about your anxiety and your fears. I know you are having a real hard time at the moment but remember this will pass so keep your coping mechanisms close to you for now. I feel your pain regarding the anxiety, maybe a second opinion doctor will prescribe something. I'm on 30mg of valium a day along with other medications for anxiety and they work really well! So don't give up now!


both dead and alive until somebody opens the box
i put in a call to another psychiatrist that my new therapist recommended. im hoping that maybe this doctor will be able to talk about medication. thanks!

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