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Thought For Today

On Religion

An old priest said: ‘Speak to us of Religion.'
And the Prophet replied:
Have I ever spoken to you of anything else?
Is not religion all deeds and all reflections,
And that which is neither one nor the other?
Isn’t it the wonder and surprise that ever springs in your soul,
Even while your hands are hewing a stone or attending to a loom?
Who can separate their faith from their actions,
Or their beliefs from their occupations?
Who can spread their hours before them and say:
‘This is for God and that for myself.
This is for my soul and that for my body?’

All your hours are wings that beat through space
From one part of yourself to the other,
From the Higher or God Self to your lower earthly self,
Its counterpart.
Those who wear their morality only as their best garment
When they go to church on Sunday,
Would be better off naked, so the Sun and the wind
Can tear and burn no holes into their skins.
And those who define their conduct purely by
The ethics of dogma and creed of one religion or another,
Imprison the songbird of their souls in a cage,
Unaware that the finest songs do not come from behind bars and wires.
If your worshipping is but a window
That one opens and shuts at will,
You will never get to know the house of the soul,
Whose windows are forever open.

Your daily life needs to become your temple and your religion.
Upon entering it each day take everything you are with you,
Be it a plough or a forge, a mallet or a lute.
Take all the things you have fashioned,
Either of necessity or for your delight.
In your dreams rise above yourself and your achievements,
And put your failures behind you as the lessons of the past.
Fly on the wings of the knowledge you now receive
Directly from the Great White Spirit and take everybody with you,
So that in adoration you fly higher than their hopes
And humbly join and comfort them in their moments of despair.

If you want to know your Creator, refuse to follow like a sheep
The things that were written a long time ago.
Most of it is likely to be outdated and in need of review.
The religion of the new age is one of the heart
That aims to help all souls, independent of colour or race,
To grow in wisdom and understanding
Of the true purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.
This religion is a faith that invites all of you
To experience life’s processes ever more deeply.
Through consciously participating in them,
You become ever more aware of the living God and Goddess
Within you and everything that shares your present existence.

Now you can observe for yourself God/Goddess being as much
Alive in you as in your children and everybody else.
When you gaze into space, especially at night,
Discover how even in the stars and the clouds,
The Great Father/Mother of all life embraces all its Creations
With the same loving care.
With every ray of sunshine and drop of rain
That touches the Earth, they seek to comfort,
Bless and heal each one of you and your whole world.
In every flower, leave and blade of grass they are smiling,
In the trees their arms and hands are waving to you,
While the wind whispers words of healing and peace
To those whose inner eyes and ears have opened
To the new religion of love.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Reinterpreted by Aquarius

From ‘A Celebration Of Kahlil Gibran’

* * *​

‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row.
We are steered by fate.’
Samuel Butler

* * *

‘We all have to row with the oars life has given us.’
English Folk Wisdom

* * *

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet, the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate
And the captain of my soul.

And yet, it’s good to know that:
The Highest forces of life are steering my boat
And all I have to do is row.
The Great Father/Mother is the Admiral of my destiny’s fleet,
And my spirit guides are piloting me safely through
The treacherous waters of earthly life.
At the end of each lifetime, they take me home
Into the world of spirit, my true home
Whose harbour lights shine warmer and more welcoming
Than any other place I have ever visited.
Each time I drop my anchor there,
The wise ones in charge of me reassure me
That all is well with me and my world,
And forever will be.

Having got as far as I presently am
On my evolutionary pathway through life,
I am glad to aware that:
I am much more than a mere physical being.
The essence of me is spirit, a Divine spark that is
Part of God, eternal and will never die.
Each time I pass from the earthly plane of life
I am not snuffed out like a candle,
I merely move into another dimension and
A different level of existence, that’s all.

My destiny is a high and holy one.
I shall always be safe and never lost,
Wherever the ocean of my life is taking me.
I am grateful for everything that has been
And sometime in the future will be.
Great Father/Mother of all life,
Forever I shall sing the praises
Of Thy wisdom and love.

William Ernest Henley
Edited by Aquarius
For every human being there exists a small developmental plan within God’s great plan for the whole of Creation. Each new lifetime presents us with another birthchart and in the right hands it can reveal what the newly born has brought with it and indicate in rough outlines the lessons awaiting it. For wise higher reasons, however, the birthchart on its own does not give a great deal away about what’s in store for the newcomer. Ah, but wait a moment! The Moon represents our earthly personality and where we have come from. The Sun shows our spirit’s predestined pathway. That’s why to my mind the progressions of the Sun and in particular the Moon are much more revealing than anything else.

The Sun moves forward at the steady pace of one degree per year. The Moon is known as the runner because it progresses at the rate of one degree per month. When you can see for yourself how both these energies have always been affecting your own life and that of those around you, the way I have been doing for a long time, the Universe is providing you with living proof that we can but row our life’s boat. The behaviour of every one of us is comparable to a dog on a lead, which the Angels of Karma are holding it in their hands. It’s our karmic debts that determine what kind of relationships and lessons we have to encounter.

The Sun/Moon progressions show quite clearly how the Christ Spirit, the Light of all lights and the Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us, is constantly pulling all earthly life, including you and me, forwards and upwards on humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary spiral and also our world. Even though we can but row the boat of our life, we are not manoeuvred like marionettes or pulled like puppets on a string. Because the Highest Forces of life have given us the precious gift of freedom of choice, at all times we are allowed to make our own decisions of how we wish to react to whatever comes our way. However, we are personally responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actins. The Universal law of cause and effect, widely known as the law of Karma, decrees that they have to return to us in the fullness of time. This can come about later in the same lifetime or in a far distant future one, when our earthly self has grown strong enough to cope with what it once created.

Unbeknown to us earthlings for a long time, our choices have always decided what kind of Karma we are creating for ourselves, the whole of humankind and also our world. There are two streams of consciousness, a constructive positive one of light and a destructive negative one of darkness. Everything we think, speak and do has constantly been feeding into one of these streams and strengthened it. The decision which stream we wish to support from now on is ours alone. Everything depends on the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached when we find out about these things. They empower us to steer the boat of our life and destiny in the desired direction. And that shows that knowledge truly is power!

In the spiritual background of our earthly existence wise ones have always been in charge of the individual and collective development of us and our world. The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, assisted by countless groups of spirit guides and helpers on the lower levels of the spirit realm always have been and forever will be the eye that never sleeps. Our decisions show them the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached at any given moment.

As a spark of the Great Light every human being in truth is a young God in the making. Attending the lessons of the earthly school of life is only compulsory for the initial part of our development. It has run its course when the following conditions have been fulfilled: a) all earthly lessons have been learnt; b) every aspect of our nature, i.e. the masculine and feminine, darkness and light, lower and higher personality, have been integrated; and c) when the last bit of the Karma we created in this lifetime and all previous ones has been redeemed. And that can only come about when we bravely and patiently work our way through any kind of suffering that comes our way and accepting our responsibility for creating it.
Navigating The Ocean Of Life

Desire is at the basis of all life and the energies of the planet Mars are the pure creative/spiritual/sexual ones that fuel all your desires and as you are well are of by now there are a great many. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents human souls experiencing their primary encounter with life when of necessity all their desires and interests are still focused on themselves. They are propelled into life by the desire to build themselves an earthly personality that will help them to carve out a niche for themselves and maintain it. In the second sign, Taurus, the desire for all the good things of the Earth and especially earthly possessions are explored. In the third sign, Gemini, the soul concentrates this precious energy onto developing its abilities to communicate. In the fourth sign, Cancer, it learns to appreciate the value of home, mother and tradition. In the fifth sign, Leo, it becomes aware of itself and its own creative powers. And so forth.

It is good and right that the human earthly self wants the things of the Earth, but once you have woken up from our spiritual slumbers, you need to learn how to rise above and overcome these desires. At first the temptations of your earthly nature will continue for some time to rise into the consciousness of your lower self. However, the more you recognise them for what they truly are, i.e. tests and trials that are meant to help you grow, the easier you will find it to resist them. Your present existence is meant to teach you mastery over its lower planes. To achieve this, your higher God or Christ nature needs to take charge of its earthly counterpart, learning to ride its desires instead of being ridden by them.

Your mind and your physical body are like a ship with whose help you, with the passing of time, are learning how to navigate the great ocean of life successfully and to your advantage. Your God or Christ nature is the captain who is in charge. But, I am the Admiral of the Fleet, your supreme commander, and each one of you is responsible to Me for their own wellbeing, that of their craft and also the state of your world. My Universal laws have always ensured that that the ocean of life would never be reigned by chaos and that will continue forever. For young spirit/souls taking part in the lesson of the earthly school of life is compulsory. It’s essential that in some of your lifetimes you are placed at the giving end of one of its lessons and in others on the receiving one,.

In the beginning of your earthly education you are unaware that life throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also yours and that of your world, is subject to My laws. But when you have matured sufficiently, your consciousness expands to understanding the necessity for my laws. This knowledge empowers you to take your destiny into your own hands, but even then only up to a point. You will always be answerable to Me and the gift of your present lifetime has been granted in the hope that this time round you will be able to gain control over every aspect of your being, the feminine and masculine, the higher as well as the lower.

I am the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation, the Pole Star, whose light consists of spiritual wisdom and understanding. By this beam you will, in due course, be able to steer the vessel of life back home into the conscious awareness of being at one with Me. Every night before going to sleep and especially when the end of your present earthly lifetime comes round, place your whole being into My loving hands. Rest safely in the knowledge that there is no death, that you will merely be moving into different dimensions of life and that in all Eternity you will be secure with Me. Each one of you is the centre of their own Universe and all the love, wisdom and power that has ever become manifest in the whole of My Creation is also in every human being, wherever you may eventually find yourself.

Lay your hands trustingly into Mine, so I can tell you intuitively the best and wisest use of your inner resources. Your earthly self is filled with doubts and fears. When they come to trouble you and threaten to overwhelm you, turn towards Me, your God Self and Divine consciousness. I am with you always and will help you overcome any adversary, even the worst one and that is everybody’s small lower earthly self. Many of the ghosts and the shadows from your past are still waiting to be released, so that the wounds of all lifetimes can be healed. Whenever you are in trouble of any kind, call upon Me and I will show you the way. Learn how to walk hand in hand with the Angels and Me, so I can teach you how to do your share of blessing and healing, saving and redeeming yourself, your world and everything that is in it. I love you all and I bless each one.

It may surprise you to hear that I am longing, just as much as you are, for the moment when all My children of the Earth can receive and comprehend My whole truth. During the spiritual infancy of your race this was impossible, as much of the knowledge you are receiving now would have frightened you to death in those days. That is why I only small part of My truth were given through the teachers I sent to your world from time to time. When you look back, you will be able to see for yourself how, as humankind slowly progressed on the evolutionary spiral, every so often another instructor appeared to relate to you the same story in a somewhat different manner.

This is how it came about that I gradually revealed ever more of My truth to you and your world. By the time I gave you the Jesus legend, many of you had grown into their spiritual adolescence. The stories about the Master’s birth and life seeded into the consciousness of your race some new and essential parts of My truth about the initiations every human soul on its evolutionary pathway eventually has to undergo. Upon reaching spiritual adulthood, you begin to grasp the underlying esoteric meaning of all the teachings I ever gave to your world through fresh myths and legends that from time to time appeared. The degree of understanding of their concepts reveals to the Angels and Me when another one of you is ready to be taught, guided and protected exclusively by Me, your inner teacher and guide, the living God within.
Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Eighty-One

We Shall Overcome

We shall overcome.
We shall overcome.
We shall overcome, some day.
Oh, deep in my heart.
I do believe that
We shall overcome, some day.

We'll walk hand in hand.
We'll walk hand in hand.
We'll walk hand in hand, some day.
Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe that
We shall overcome, some day.

We shall live in peace.
We shall live in peace.
We shall live in peace, some day.
Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe that
We shall overcome, some day.

We are not afraid.
We are not afraid.
We are not afraid, TODAY.
Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe that
We shall overcome, some day.

Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe that
We shall overcome, some day.

Pete Seeger

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‘We Shall Overcome’
I believe with all my heart and soul, my whole being, nay I know that we not only SHALL overcome but that we ARE in the midst of the process of overcoming, right here and now. Love is the greatest power in the whole of Creation. Every one of our kind and loving thoughts, words and actions feed into the good or God stream and takes us another step closer to the fulfilment of the dream about our world as a place where all human beings peacefully and harmoniously live and work together. They are supporting and helping each other. Lying and cheating, dishonesty and all kinds of slavery, deception and exploitation of the masses are things of the past.

It cannot be any other way because that’s the ultimate aim of God’s evolutionary plan for us and our world. It’s up to the likes of you and me to contribute to bringing it about. So let’s keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to the troublemakers and scaremongers of our world. The Aquarian age is the age of group consciousness in which humankind’s highest hopes and dreams will become a reality on the earthly plane. The more of us are coming together to send kind, loving and forgiving thoughts, the stronger and more effective the consciousness of our group will become. There is no doubt in my mind that, together we are strong and hand in hand with God and the Angels, we are invincible.

Updated 13th October 2020

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‘The Greatest Healing Miracle Ever’

From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *
Looking Back On My

Reflections On The Swine Flu

This is what I wrote on Friday, 31st January 2020 about the latest report of the Coronavirus outbreak. According to official sources its death toll has risen to 170 and a confirmed case in Tibet means it has reached every region of mainland China. Chinese health authorities state that there were 7,711 confirmed cases in the country as of 29th January 2020. Infections have also said to have spread to at least fifteen other countries and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are going to meet in Geneva to consider whether the virus should be declared a global health emergency.

The year 2005 saw the bird flu and therefore became known as the bird flu year. Across the globe, the fear of avian influenza caused government officials everywhere to place a higher priority on developing plans to deal with what was declared to be a pandemic influenza. This was followed by the Swine flu outbreak that lasted from 2009 to 2010. The virus was first identified in Mexico in April 2009. It became known as swine flu because it was similar to flu viruses that affect pigs. It spread rapidly from country to country because it was marketed as a new type of flu virus that few young people were immune to. The year 2014 saw the Ebola virus outbreak and again, in spite of the joined efforts of the pharmaceutical industry and the mass media of our world, no pandemic came about.

I cannot help the sneaking feeling that the pharmaceutical industry seems to be of the opinion that sufficient time has passed since then and that our world is therefore likely to be ready for another of attempt of spreading mass hysteria. I hope that even in these fast living days people have not forgotten how previous artificially whipped up pandemics disappeared without mass vaccinations being carried out in the end. I believe that this was possible because not sufficient numbers of us can be led by their noses and are willing to run with the herd to have themselves vaccinated with the costly products of the pharmaceutical industry. To assist anyone who is in need of making up their mind about the present flu scare, let’s reflect on what happened during some of the previous ones.

Those who are familiar with my work know that increasing public awareness is its only aim. As explained in the previous chapter ‘The Effects of Pluto in Capricorn’, we live in times when nothing remains hidden from public view for very long. The scandals that are revealed everywhere are ample proof of this. No-one has the right, in my view, to pull the wool over our eyes and get away with it. I am willing to do all that is in my power to prevent these things. Let the pens of those who have been granted the gift of writing be mightier than the sword. May the living spirit within guide us to use them as swords of truth that cut through the layers of deception, to reveal the true intentions of those behind the scenario. The only gain I hope to find is that someone ‘out there’ – hopefully more and more of them – can be helped to look through all creeping manifestations of evil, to enable them by giving a loud and clear ‘No!’ to join the ranks of those who prefer to work with the forces of light.

Many branches of the pharmaceutical industry in the past undoubtedly have been among the great benefactors or humankind. Yet, it seems to me that the deeper our world sinks into the experience of materialism and the stronger the greed element rises to the surface of life, the more some parts of this industry are turning into wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is particularly noticeable with regard to vaccinations against all types of influenza. The first one developed was against the common flu, the second one the Bird Flu and the most recent one the Swine Flu.

One of my friends lives in Basel, Switzerland, the home of La Roche Pharmaceutical Industries. Having made it her business to investigate this matter, she writes as follows: ‘Tamiflu is the name of the serum against Swine Flu. It is the baby of La Roche, a company in which Donald Rumsfeld owns a big stake. The serum against swine flu was originally developed in New Zealand as a serum against bird flu, which also turned out to be ineffective. At the time of the bird flu scare, La Roche bought the licence to produce it under the name Tamiflu. Ever since, La Roche has been sitting on vast quantities of this serum and great stock piles of it also existed in the USA. And then someone came up with the brilliant idea of marketing this product against swine flu.

‘Roche stated that the US is their prime target, with fifty million shots sold at one billion dollars last week. Stock holders are thrilled. That none of these so called flu shots have been tested does not seem to matter to anyone. You don’t fuss in the middle of a world Pandemic! Created by whom? The videos of doctors, who have spoken up against mandatory shots, for example one in Austria, can be viewed on u-tube.’

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The three articles above are by Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose mission is to bring people practical solutions to their health problems. A New York Times Best Selling Author, he is the author of the ‘No-Grain Diet’ and ‘Take Control of Your Health’. He has also been featured in TIME magazine, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News with Peter Jennings, Today Show and other major media resources. The remaining items also each has its own poignant tale to tell:


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