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For whatever reason sometimes it feels nice to share thoughts with strangers so I felt like sharing...

Here's something I just wrote out:

People are quick to let you know, they know how you feel
But they don't
Do you know how it feels to live the worst day of your life over and over?
Do you know what it feels like to repeatedly hit rock bottom, only to realize you're not even halfway there yet?
Do you know what it feels like to lose a little piece of your soul, with every passing hour?
Or better yet, do you know how it feels to be dead but forced to blend in with the living?
Seems like an impossible and silly task but you try anyways
And to your amazement, it works
No one notices you're a walking corpse
When people touch you, they don't feel the ice cold of death
Nor do they smell the rancid stench of it
They don't taste the stale air
Nor hear the grim reaper calling, calling your name
They don't understand that their optimism is falling on deaf ears
They don't realize their perspective can't be seen by dead eyes
They don't realize you're numb to everything yet feel the pain of everything
They don't know all you can smell and you can taste is the not so subtle notes that remind you that you don't belong.
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