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Were you bullied?

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Petal, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. I was the skinny, uncoordinated kid missing 2 front teeth that got broken out in an accident, and brilliant red hair. Easy target. Bullied from 2nd grade on.
  2. Solace

    Solace Public Access

    Idk if people really are talking behind my back, but I just have a morbid fear that they are ALWAYS talking about me. Kinda makes it hard to socialize...

    Afi is a ginger?!
  3. Yes, I am! Though not so bright red now. More like reddish blond. And gray.

    I quit going to football games because between plays, both teams would get in a little circle and talk about me.
  4. Solace

    Solace Public Access

    *Sticks out tongue and flips bird*
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  5. Solace

    Solace Public Access

    Hey afi! Look! A squirrel! And communist kittens!
  6. Hehehe.The cats are bullies.
  7. Solace

    Solace Public Access

  8. Kitty-pocalypse. We better quit stealing this thread!
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  9. drinty

    drinty I'd rather be a Cat.

    Was bullied morning and night by the lad who sat behind me on the school bus, from the first year of secondary school till a year before I left. I was shy, he was and still is (say his brothers) a dangerous nut job. It still spins me out and I left school over 25years ago.
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  10. Huck Finn

    Huck Finn Nobody

    One of my few friends back when I was 8, was the most adorable red haired girl (she was also the first girl I felt weird feelings about which back then couldn't understand), and an outcast, just like me. I remember the day her family had to move to another city like it was yesterday. Being extremely sad back then, I felt like I would cry so instead of saying goodbye in person, I wrote her a letter and slipped it under her door. Never seen or heard from her since. She is the reason for my strong attraction to women with red hair. Sorry for the off topic, but this brought some memories and I'm sad again... Hope she have a wonderful life though.
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  11. MrB79

    MrB79 Well-Known Member

    Growing up I was bullied at school and around home. In high school I was assaulted for simply being "by myself". Not many people made an effort to befriend me. Even my own family were not merciful.
  12. Bethany0672

    Bethany0672 New Member

    I was bullied by my family because I was the quiet one. I was told I was too emotional because I cried when I was yelled at (a common occurrence in my home.) As I got older, I wasn't as obnoxious as my mom and brother so they made fun of me. I retreated from the fighting and chaos to the library. I was called the dork. As a teen, I say my mom as an obnoxious woman in need to always be the center of attention. I couldn't take the physical or verbal abuse so I moved out and in with a friend's family the spring before I graduated. After graduation, I immediately moved in with my boyfriend who was in school out of state. My family wasn't the worst, my ex-husband would be. After divorce, he drug me through 10 years of custody court. He lied and defamed me in ways unimaginable. He kept up the hate until I drained my savings, IRA, and 401K. I had a major panic attack the last time I went to court because I didn't have money for a lawyer. Although he had drug me though 3 custody investigations where there was no evidence to change full custody from me to him was ever given, he & his attorney created more hate & lies. I couldn't take it anymore and my son went to be with his dad. It was supposed to be temporary. The parental alienation became so extreme, I broke into pieces. I had PTDS from a previous trauma years before but now it had developed into C-PTSD. I haven't seen my son in 5 years. Abuse of court and how they allow money and lawyers to control families is sick. Worst bullying I never expected as an adult and I can completely understand why others have taken their lives. I'm close to the bottom right now. This is my worst holiday. I'm really struggling.
  13. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum and SF family. YOU are among people who care and want to help YOU. Life is important and that includes YOU.

    Bullies are basically cowards and just pick on the vulnerable. I appreciate that it has a traumatic experience. YOU are hurting because you have not seen your son. It's about trying to live life on day by day basis. Yes some days can find you struggling but other days will be fine. Please keep going by posting here as YOU will get alot of support from others.

    YOU are important and never forget that.
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  14. GeminiStar

    GeminiStar Well-Known Member

    Was bullied all through high school. All my primary school friends who went to the same school all joined up with bullies and abandoned me. Almost any time I'd make a new friend, they'd end up becoming part of the bully gang. They turned almost everyone i met against me, yet the teachers and staff only ever felt the need to punish me.
    Its left me practically incapable of trusting a single human being, and intensely paranoid of everyone and everything. Worst part is i know they still haven't received any punishment or bad karma for it. Letting go of my anger over it just feels like I'm letting them win by ceasing to seek retribution on them. I'd give anything to be able to make them suffer like i did.
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  15. MarkahMalady

    MarkahMalady Well-Known Member

    I was never bullied but the majority of kids were scared of me which sucked. I reached my full height (5'10") by like 6th grade, was fairly muscular and had (still have) a pretty severe rage problem. Not to mention I entered high school right after columbine and was the only metal head in town. Pretty sure they thought I was gonna shoot up the place.
  16. Annette

    Annette Well-Known Member

    Yes I was bullied extremely badly. It started in my family and continued onward from there. I support other victims and can very much relate to their pain.
  17. Daíthí

    Daíthí What will be will be Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Coordinator SF Supporter

    I was always a bit awkward, and I started having mental health problems which I feel made me a target as I became very withdrawn. As a consequence when I finally snapped and started fighting back against it, it only served to make the bullying worse. Eventually others joined in and it just became a feeding frenzy on me.

    I carried the scars from the constant torment for years, I became angry and bitter against the whole world. Convinced that people were inherently cruel and evil. Luckily I managed to escape that pit of misery, i forgave my tormentors their mistakes and just like that the anger lifted, i saw the beauty inherent in humanity. I'm much happier for it, they made my childhood years miserable, why let them ruin the rest of my life?
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  18. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    A perfect example of how to NOT let bullying keep on effecting you. AS you said so well, you can;t change your past and what they did in those years, but you can find ways so that they are no still making your life miserable years later, using any of multiple methods of moving past from forgiveness to distraction techniques, to being a champion for and empowering others.
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  19. Naiwen

    Naiwen Active Member

    I was bullied heavily in elementary, racially discriminated against.