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Were you bullied?

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Petal, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. gazjustgaz

    gazjustgaz Lord Duckington II

    I was bullied up until my late teens. the worst and best thing that ever happened to me when I was 10-ish (probably earlier) a bunch of troublemakers started throwing rocks at me right in front of our house (shack, really) when my parents weren't around. And, as if on cue my big brother (1 year older) hand his friends showed up, yelling at them to not bother me ever again. The bullies never stopped ofc but things do get easier.
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  2. Terrah123

    Terrah123 Member

    I was bullied at school so badly that i also had to leave school 2 years before graduating. 10 years later and the taunts still play in my head all day everyday. I will never be a normal functioning adult thanks to my bullies. I want to die just to end the daily torture they've created in my head.
  3. Who am I now

    Who am I now Member

    Yes I have been bullied most of my life. Not so much now
  4. Feeling abandoned

    Feeling abandoned Well-Known Member

    I was bulled from kindergarten up until I just about left high school. I was shy and anxious, my father was an alcoholic who scared the crap of me until I was in my late teens. I was afraid he would seriously hurt my mother. Other kids took advantage of the fact that i would not know what to do when confronted because I would become terribly anxious and afraid. To this day, the sound of people fighting, slamming doors, raised voices still transports me back in time to being a child and not understanding why the adults I loved seemed like they wanted to kill one another. I have a hard time still with confrontation and so one of two things happen, I either come off as very aggressive when confronted or I end up feeling meek and bullied again. Still trying to find the middle ground after all these years. People are horrible. They will prey on perceived weakness. In the thread about posting how you feel today i posted a picture of a wolf, ears back and snarling. That's how i feel a lot of time with people. I'm older now and in a position of authority myself and I am shocked at how my peers bully those under them--even now...it never ends. I don't get it. My instinct is to protect. I gather up all the misfits and nerds and introverts--which are all things that i am--and I work to place them in positions of authority to even the balance. Why are people so cruel? I just don't understand that kind of behavior.
  5. Jaz

    Jaz Well-Known Member

    I got bullied largly for my voice. Maybe i was too dweebish looking as well and maybe because i was different as well
  6. Jinis40

    Jinis40 Well-Known Member

    I was bullied throughout school and was really awkward-looking and low-income. I still get a little picked on by adults who are "just teasing" but that's only occasionally. It's like I attract that kind of attention for some reason even though I'm no longer dorky or shy.
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  7. Fizzy1982

    Fizzy1982 Well-Known Member

    I was bullied in my last year of high school cause i was overweight and not that goodlooking.
    People of who i thought were friends stabbed me in the back and picked the side of the bullies.

    They even sent me text messages in school so i had proof when i went to the principal.
    He didn’t believe even though the evidence was in front of him, he said they those people would never do something like that and he called me liar straight into my face

    Lucky for me there was 1 teacher who stood up for me but still, the damage was done and now i still carry on the scars from those events
  8. I was bullied at a young age and it's come and gone and from various sources ever since. In terms of school, I was bullied from at least first grade all the way to middle school. Thankfully, due to a variety of reasons (smaller, "more like me" school; being less obnoxious and confrontational; etc.), bullying in school stopped for me starting in high school.

    In terms of non school bullying, one of my brothers (I've always been the oldest of my siblings, so obviously he was younger) liked to antagonize me and drive me nuts in the past. Fortunately, he's greatly calmed down and we get along pretty well now. Also, some people online like to give me a hard time or insult me in a mean spirited way, especially from this one community for an online game that I've been a part of for a long while. That's unfortunately still going on and I doubt it will ever completely stop.

    There was some other incidents, but that's some of the major ones in a nutshell.
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