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when you're depressed what makes you feel better:


Swills Soup
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I agree, a nice hot bath, fresh sheets and a good long sleep to recharge those batteries . You can definitely think a lot better and everything else doesnt looks so sombre :)
A long hot shower, crisp clean sheets, a good book to read as you get sleepy, and then a long, sweet sleep. The perfect storm for feeling better:)
A positive environment where you are able to heal and help you to design a life worth living. Regular exercise , a healthy nutritional plan, along with meditation and group activities help you to overcome depression and feel you better.


King of the Hedge
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This community of amazing people who have all found each other through the worst times in our lives but have (hopefully) realised that we are not alone. Love to all. X :)


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I am hoping can be a distraction but I enjoy colouring books, card making, general crafts, drawing, designing on laptop. Board games with my son, wood work with him too and cookig and baking and if nothing distracts I try cleaning the house.


The Origin of Frustration
Drinking coffee, spending time with friends, watching anime or reading manga, playing games, going to work, music (sometimes), outdoor activities (most of the time)

When I'm in a tight spot, only things that harm me work to make me "normal" again.

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