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"Yes or No" Game


Everything Zen
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Mile HIGH State. Yeah, I like it.

Have you peed your pants since you were in an age with double digits? Feel free to lie. haha
well... I don't lie to often and on my first first im pritty shure i did not, on my second 1st i don't know. there where non after so XD i say no i did not XD

Do you like pinapple Salami Pizza?


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No. I do not want a tattoo fruit based or otherwise.

Have you ever tried to cook something new and it tasted so horrible you threw it all away and ordered out instead?


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yes but no
i tried i failed i tried to make it eadable. i failed. i threw it away. i made something else XD and after that i alsways made it perfekt ^^ learning by doing.

Have you ever hit someone else out of reflex?


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I tried being sneaky and pushing my older brother from behind into the pool, but he switched us around, took a few steps back, and football tackled me into the water!!!! (It was actually pretty fun:D)

Have you ever traveled outside of your country?

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