1. Tana

    How to go from here...? (Stuck).

    ----can skip So, thanks to @Fleurise and @Rookie01 , I've finally decided to type this down, so I might get some ideas...Thing is, my life's not gonna get any better on it's own, so i'll just keep feeling worse, and eventually lose the last shred of hope if I don't do *something*. I was...
  2. C

    How do you deal with having no friends?

    I got back from a 3 day comic con yesterday and it dawned on my how most of my fellow nerds there had friends and significant others. Basically all I have is my cousin and mother and those don’t count as friends in my opinion. It just sucks coming home and realizing how very alone I really am...
  3. Susu

    Stuck in sadness, lost in it forever

    Anyone else feel like not letting go of depression? Have yet to find anyone who holds onto depression and just lets it eat you away like my brain does. I constantly tell myself I don't need to talk to a doctor about it since they'll just rid it off. My sensible part of my brain tells me to stop...
  4. lightning05

    Frustrated and Stuck

    I feel like I am on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. At least when I drink I feel less lonely, even if it doesn't help the anger as much. I am constantly feeling frustrated and angry. Tired of the loneliness. Tired of reaching out to people only to get rejected. Tired of doing everything...
  5. Lee Hadfield

    Mental health

    Hi my names Lee I'm 27 and have been suffering with depression ever since I was 17 and recently iv been feeling really horrible and suicidal and spaced out in a world of my own and looking up differnt organisations and it's stupid how the phones are only on from 9am till 4;30pm I think it's...