1. Barrels of monkeys

    Difficult situation, not sure what to do

    I wasn’t completely sure what category best suited this. Im a bit nervous as the person mentioned is a member on this site too. My partner has complained about feeling upset/lonely sitting in their room doing nothing so they’ve been meeting with friends for ages after school. Im glad they’re...
  2. BlueKoala

    My friends made me extremely upset

    Hey, everyone. Sorry, but this one is kinda long... I just want to explain everything in detail. So for the past 3 days I’ve been really upset... 2/3 people in my friend group made me breakdown into tears and the other made me nearly break down (the latter had made me feel worse at the end of...
  3. Gracie Gregg

    I Cry When I'm Frustrated or Mad, Why?

    I can't figure out why I cry when I'm angry or frustrated with someone or at a situation. I've been doing it as long as I can remember and lately it's been extremely irritating. I feel like it's weird to ask my friends what it means because they all seem to be what's considered "normal" or...
  4. A


    I did an application at a temp agency and then toured a manufacturer of tools and was called to do a training shift. I was asked to go in early for third shift and ask for Ivan. I went to the security and they asked if I had id and then I pointed out my passport and they asked do I have a...
  5. S

    Bad break up

    Ok so my girlfriend and I just broke up. I love this girl more than anything in the world and would do anything to get her back. We were arguing quite a bit and we always got over it. Now she says she has had enough of arguing and that she is completely done and she doesn't love me anymore. She...