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I Cry When I'm Frustrated or Mad, Why?

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I can't figure out why I cry when I'm angry or frustrated with someone or at a situation. I've been doing it as long as I can remember and lately it's been extremely irritating. I feel like it's weird to ask my friends what it means because they all seem to be what's considered "normal" or "fine". I ranted to my dad earlier about people at school being extremely unfair and I just felt the sudden urge to go to my room and cry; I hate it. Does anyone have any studies they've read about or any advice on how to help it?


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This is so me. I cry when I'm frustrated, it happened to me earlier today, when I feel helpless I cry. I don't know of a remedy to fix it, but crying is a better outlet than no outlet at all and you are normal. Who decides what normal is anyway? Just be yourself and don't be ashamed of being you.


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Some people cry when they are happy. Crying is a mechanism for emotional release, that is all it is. So you aren't weird because of when you cry.

Since you want to stop, you may need to look into your thoughts that are leading you to feel frustrated or angry. X said this, it makes me think this, I get frustrated because X's words make me feel invisible, so I run to my room to cry and release the frustration.


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Crying is an emotion that is very difficult emotion to control. There are a few things that you can try when you get in a situation where you feel that the tears are welling up.
You can focus on breathing and the concentration on it takes it from crying, also you can have a band on your wrist and ping it when you feel you are getting to the point of crying and the sting shock will stop your mind focusing on crying. Another thing is to look over the shoulder of the person/item who is getting you frustrated
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