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At this moment, what would you rather be doing?


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Yummers a doughnut ;)
Maybe I'll get one tomorrow (well I guess technically today since it's 1 am here now). There's a shop next to the pub where I go to watch Premier League games like I plan on doing tomorrow morning. They sell a good variety of interesting donuts for a decent price, and I plan to get out there early, but the bus schedule has me getting there earlier than I want.


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I would like to be in the photo of a chapel I saw, it is in (wait, maybe I can find a pic)
can't seem to post it.

Its in the mountains of North Carolina, the front of the chapel is a window and it faces the rising sun. The colors are vibrant (probably Photoshop but this is my fantasy). The quote "I will lift mine eyes up unto the hills" is etched across the ceiling on a beam at the front of the chapel, framing this beautiful scene. Its so peaceful, I want to be there.

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