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Best options/medication for anxiety?


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I am stuck living with someone so passively toxic that anyone he decides to be proper friends with ends up anxious, depressed or suicidal or in some cases, all 3. Now he doesnt realise he is doing this and due to what I can only figure is rather severe undiagnosed aspergers, explaining it doesn't change that.

Anyway, I have lived with him (this guy being my dad) for 2 years now and I am already on 150mg Sertraline but the anxiety is getting unmanageable.

It doesnt need a trigger anymore, includes pressure in chest, nausia, light headedness, very fast heart rate and scarily high blood pressure, nasty headaches, emotional instability and volatility, exhaustion etc.

So, what are the best options or treatments (including medication) for anxiety? And dont say move out, I have heard that one SO often and the simple fact remains, I cant afford to or I would have already.


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Hi there, I am 27 and still live at home too. I am managing ok, I am on 200mg of sertraline, it helps a lot combined with lexapro 20mg and lyrica 600mg and diazepam 30mg and zyprexa 20mg. I am very highly medicated because I am very impulsive, I have borderline personality disorder along with anxiety/agoraphobia issues etc.. the ''best'' is subjective but for me what I am on right now has helped me the most. I know some people disagree with the amount of medications im on and that's fine but it's me taking them at the end of the day (but i know thwy only care about me) and yes they do work. I recently started DBT, it's making me worse before it gets better I hope, next session is on tuesday. Good luck with finding the right medications. Anxiety is a terrible feeling and no one should have to suffer it. I feel for you *hugs* I have severe anxiety as well as PTSD so I can feel your pain. A lot of people find benzodiazepines useful in treating anxiety just at xanax, diazepam, rivitrol, oxazepam but they are addictive. So maybe sticking to the anti depressant ones might be best?
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The strange thing is I have so dissociated myself from all this that it doesn't feel that terrible, I feel like an outside observer watching someone else's mind fall apart, the emotions and feelings almost feel distant, but at the same time, not, because of this the anxiety is more of an inconvenience, its difficult to get on with life when you keep getting light headed, exhausted and feeling like you are going to throw up with no good reason, add in this constant pressure in my chest now and the non-stop surges of adrenaline and its just a pain to try to function normally with all this.

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