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Time short today so set myself a target of running as far as possible in 30 minutes. I managed 2.71 miles - I have set myself a target of trying to make it 3 miles by May (when I have a race booked in). It also makes running feel a bit more varied throwing in little shifts like this (instead of running a distance and seeing how long it took, set a time and see how far it was!)

Hopefully this has set me up for my evening meetings, I shall be heading into the office soon. Feel in an OK mood.


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I have a foot injury, probably from overdoing an ambitious balance exercise.....it's probably Plantar's fasciitis......probably. It hasn't gotten worse, it's even lessened a little bit, and I bought an elastic "sock" that helps the discomfort. My annual doctor visit isn't for another 5 or 6 weeks, but I may schedule it sooner and ask his advice. I can walk around OK, it's only just certain postures that bring about the pain and it isn't even horrible pain.......Maybe 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. But something's definitely injured in my right foot. However it doesn't present itself at all when I do my daily 30 minute cardio event on the recumbent stationary bike. I've discontinued my daily squat exercises though

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