How to deal with intrusive thoughts and memories?

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Hey there Kcho, the best thing I found was meditation. Which is hypocritical of me, cause I stopped doing it several years ago. But for two years I had a practice of 20mins meditation twice per day and it really helped with a lot of things, calmer mind, less racing thoughts and better focus......over all feeling of well being. Why did I stop :) beats me.
You hardest thing for me was finding a meditation practice I could connect with, there are so many. The one I found was a mantra meditation where you simply repeat a word in you head over and over, as you continue to do this, your breathing slows down, thoughts become less frequent and a feeling of calm. But it's not just during the times of meditation, it carries on throughout your day, you don't get upset as easy, your super relaxed. Again....why did I stop...stupid.......I need to start again. He funny thing was, the book I got was on kindle and really cheap, but the author explained it so easily and it was so simple. If your interested I can send you the name o the book.


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Brian I really like your ideas, they seem well worth trying, especially repeating a word over and over and focusing on that one word, I guess its mindfulness :)
I think an SF meditation group is a wonderful idea as I also suffer with intrusive thoughts, thank you :)


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i have intrusive thoughts constantly throughout the day. i think they're as bad as they are because i used to combine alcohol and caffeine and drank too much basically. i basically deal with them through saying positive things to counteract them. i did find that meditation helped temporarily though.
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