I can't believe its happening again

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My thoughts are going wild. My anxiety is high. My thoughts gravitate towards SH and suicidal urges. They came on strong this time. Its only been 3 days since my anxiety has peaked and stayed peaked. But its like the thoights are mpre freauents stronger. I have a hard time denying them. I gave in and SH and I'm trying not to give in to the suicidal urges. Everything in me is telling me to go for a walk and never come back. I'm trying to think of the people who need me and I keep telling myself to keep denying that urge because I have 2 people who rely on me to take care of them. But they are strong and its so hard not to just act on them. I know I should tell someone (counselor, pdoc, or case manager) but I'm afraid they will force me into a hospital and I cant do it. I cant go to another one. I dont want to leave these 2 people with no one. Its so hard.


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Hi Jena, just work through it the best you can and know that there are people who care about you and need you. It's hard I know - I've been there when all you want to do is check out permanently but our responsibilities keep us here. When people need us we need to stick around for their sake. Is there a close friend or an anonymous phone counselling service you can call if you don't want to speak to your counsellor or pdoc? I really hope this bad time passes quickly for you, keep safe.


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What about talking on a crisis hotline or talking to good Samaritans, hopping on the chatroom here to distract you for the time being?

Its hard to find a lot distractions when we need it the most
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