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    So I told my mom that I had been feeling anxious this past year and had talked to a doctor. Then I told her that I went to a school counsellor and that memories started coming back. I told her that I think a man touched me when I was like maybe 3-4.

    So what does she tell me, well all students get anxious about stuff. It's part of university and choosing to be away from home. She also told me that counsellors can sort of put false memories into people's brains. Like that people have been wrongly accused of child abuse. She also told me that she would have never left me alone so this can't have happened.

    So what does she tell me to do, well talk to people, hang out with friends.

    Of course I didn't tell her that well she verbally abused me for years and that some of the memories were of her. She also doesn't know that I SH or have suicidal thoughts.

    The irony of all this is that we lost a family friend to suicide a few years ago, so you'd think she'd be more open to this.

    I'm like okay I'll try to hang out will more people and remember that school is stressful and that all students get anxious.

    She does so not get it and I don't really know how to make her understand.
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    I'm sorry to this Rocky, some people will never get it, or they don't want to open up a past issue. I don't really know.
    At least there are people here that understand, hang in there my friend (((hug)))
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    I'm sorry you were met this way by your mother.

    Maybe she isn't ready to admit her own mistakes, like mine... however, I am sorry that it got put on your shoulders.
    Your anxiety and your issues are very valid however.

    Please stay strong hun, and keep seeing the counselor. Don't let her talk you out of it. You deserve to be helped!
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    Yeah I didn't think she would get it, but it was worth a shot.
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    Yeah, I told her this over the phone, so we couldn't see each others expressions. I know that my mom as a child was neglected a bit by her parents. I don't know if she realizes that neglect and emotional child abuse are things that exist. And I don't want to be the one to point it out to her.

    Don't worry, I'm meeting with a new school counsellor next week, a female one this time.
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