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News and first time in therapy!


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Hi there SF.
I posted an update thread about 2 months ago, and this is kind of a continuation on that thread.
So uni started about a month ago. 2nd year computer science. I was doing good and was in a relationship with a girl I really liked and was one of my best friends here. She's in the same classes as me. Now about 3 weeks ago she broke up with me :( . We are not mad at each other and nothing bad happened, but she apparently isn't ready to be in a relationship so wanted to break up. This has been really hard since we no longer talk with each other and I've been pretty lonely and very anxious and sad about this. I really thought we would make it work since everything had been going great and we had a lot of fun together all the time, but it looks like she doesn't want it. This has been hell to me. Fortunately a friend of mine has been keeping me company and trying to cheer me up and it has been very helpful.
Now because of the breakup I knew I would feel really bad and since I was suicidal before, this time I seeked immediatly a therapist for the first time! I'm going to the uni counselor because it's the only one I can afford (it's basically free for studants). Been to 3 sessions now. I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about it. I think it is helping, but it hasn't been easy at all. To be honest there are some things I wish they'd look more into, but surely with time I'll tell them.
Just wanted to say that for me, going to counselling/therapy for the first time was a huge step for me, because it took a lot of courage (mostly because I was feeling completely miserable and in need of help). I've been trying to take it day by day and staying motivated. I've been slowly realizing that I should focus more on myself and my goals instead of everything else. My depressive-anxiety has been making me too critical and harmful to myself for a long time now. And I realize that I have to change it. I'm realizing that I have to learn to accept myself as I am. This will take a very, very long time for sure, but I know that's what I need to do to beat this.
So to end this, I just wanted to send positive vibes to everyone who's reading. Don't ever give up. No matter how shit you're feeling you can make it through and you'll be proud you did one day. I'll keep fighting and I'll be fighting with you guys too.


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Hi there @Rafs break-ups are hard, when a heart breaks, it doesn't break even.

I am sorry you have went through so much but very proud of you for going to therapy, its great news( (even better that it is free) and you have every right to be proud of how far you are coming, keep it up and keep us posted. You're right though that therapy is not easy, but the good things in life do not come easy. Well done.

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Rafs, sorry about your breakup. But, it's good you're seeing a therapist. Talking with someone about it, will help ease the pain. Breakups are hard, no doubt about it. But, keep pushing forward, and the hurt will become easier. I know it's easy for someone else to say. But, I've been through it, as well as many others. Keep looking forward my friend.

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