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People are forgetting about me.

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FB is a mixed bag for me its a world I need to be checking in and out of to be updated on stuff in my area and it brings my culture together. Its messed up world we live in and I depend on it to be updated. I know what it is like to be homeless I was for a year and half but not going into details as its your life your thread just know FB has messed up pirorities
Thank you for your comment. I would truly like to hear your story some time. I imagine you aren't homeless now? That gives me hope.


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Hi candlelight, I just wanted to let you know that those who have forgotten you were never good friends in the first place. From what I have seen you are an amazing person with a kind, gentle heart and you deserve to be treated as such. Make new friends and go from there... :) *big hugs to you* and my pm box is always open to you.
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