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I got a letter saying I don't need to work because I'm considered medically frail. If that's the case, then why don't I qualify for disability?
My understanding is this is only a classification as it related to medicaid and medicaid expansion, not actually what one would consider you, as a person, being "frail" in general health.


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My understanding is this is only a classification as it related to medicaid and medicaid expansion, not actually what one would consider you, as a person, being "frail" in general health.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Though if they think I'm bad enough not to work, it seems like it would be easier to apply for disability, not harder.
I know that brain!
My coffee buying habit is ruinous. But I may be starting and add drug tomorrow. I hope it makes things better. If not, i just, I'm just so tired. It's not a threat, but im just honestly so exhausted by trying to hard. I know medication isn't an end all be all solution, but that little part of my brain hopes it is. And hopes that once im on this right stuff all of a sudden ill be just like all those other kids I grew up with.
Hehe, I'm not on adderall yet. I started wellbutrin and my psychiatrist said to take the klonopin in a half dose twice a day to counteract the anxiety enduing effects of the wellbutirin.

I found the k-pin really didnt effects me, and it is yet to be seen if the wellbutrin will. But I stopped the k-pin, and i just want the adderall meds. I want to see if they'll help. I've spent so long with those symptoms that i think my anxiety is a symptom of my adhd.


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Keurig is what you guys have over there that is Tassimo, Nesspresso and Dulce Gusto. I've perused these at length in determining my life there. haha You guys don't have Keurig BRAND but you do have the exact same shit.
Nespresso tastes so much better than Keurig though. I don't know how, it's all coffee in a little plastic thing. We just make pour over, or I make cold brew overnight in the french press.
Life is so uninteresting and boring. If I had a PhD and had over 100 million dollars, my life would be far more worse. As I would see and understand how uninteresting and boring humanity is really is.
same. i had that kind of thought too. and the richer we become, the lonelier we’d be. eh? 🥺🤷‍♀️
The problem I find with people who are highly educated and highly wealthy: they seek each other, and they find they have a more limited pool the higher educated they are and the wealthier them become. In fact, it can be cost prohibited to find friendships within a limited pool of friendships. So, they downgrade and find people who are not as educated as they are and who is not as wealthy as they are. But, they place themselves into a bubble were they do not get objective critical thinking from their friendships. Because their friendships are looking for tokens and gifts of high value, and they are not required to be paid back at equal value. So, the friendships are a trapped relationships, as a friend is concern if your to critical with your judgment -- you could be tossed out of the bubble.

How many stories have we read about a famous and wealthy person, a actor, someone in the music business. Then we noticed their early death, and their uncommon lifestyle. Then we have to say, that person was in a bubble from the common society.

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