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Hungover. Gotta read four chapters of psych for test tomorrow. Women has taught us nothing. We have just watched a movie about a talking fetus called, Look Who's Talking. Thanks John Travolta for the fabulous explanation of how epigenetics works.


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Honestly, this weekend has been a drag to be happy and patience with seniors. I wouldn't want to come off as brutally honest and shady person cause I'm younger than them, right? Like their world is so much bigger. Oh, you just haven't seen the real kitty.
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I missed the Spurs supporters club group picture because I left the pub early to make sure I made my bus (which only comes every 30 mins on Sundays). I only know they took a picture because I heard the cheering outside the pub. Tbh I kinda assumed we wouldn’t take a picture today because it wasn’t a particularly big game, but I guess it ended up well and we had a pretty good turnout.


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Hehe, I'm not on adderall yet. I started wellbutrin and my psychiatrist said to take the klonopin in a half dose twice a day to counteract the anxiety enduing effects of the wellbutirin.

I found the k-pin really didnt effects me, and it is yet to be seen if the wellbutrin will. But I stopped the k-pin, and i just want the adderall meds. I want to see if they'll help. I've spent so long with those symptoms that i think my anxiety is a symptom of my adhd.
What's the dosage of the Kpins and the Adderall?


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Oh.. Stop shopping in her cabinets (jk jk)
Oh, come on. You know whenever these things are mentioned, there I am. It's like a kid in a candy store. Everyone who knows me here, knows that much.

BUT in my defense, my nosiness does also have a purpose because in extremely low dosages, these meds don't typically don't do a whole lot.

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