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I finally decided to quit cigarettes once and for all. Last week I went through 2 packs in 7 days and I know I am smoking far too much when suicidal and very down. I chain smoked 6 in a row one night. I'm trying to find better coping strategies than damaging my lungs and am going to replace it with walking or meditation. I am quitting cold turkey after starting socially about 5 years ago and beginning to smoke more and more leading up to about a pack a week or every 10 days depending on my mood. I anticipate it being difficult since I am still moody and a little down but I believe this victory will lift my spirits a little bit.

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I quit tobacco last October and use E-cigs (vapes) and I know that they are meant to be better for you because you are cutting out tar but they are largely untried health-wise, I could still suffer from these things once they find out more about the properties and what they do. I am still on 18mg which is the highest level of nicotine. I use it when needed and like the advantage of not having to have a lighter or rolling papers.


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I quit in July of last year. I use e-cigs. My wheezing is completely gone and my asthma is much better. Overall it was an easy transition and I hope it is for you too :)


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Thanks everyone. Its been 3 whole days and this morning is the start of my 4th. If I end up cracking I will use e cigs as you all seem to like them a lot better and there is less tar and all that but I am trying to quit the habit of smoking and shake the nicotene.


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I didn't make it. Got some very bad news today, under a ton of stress, and increasingly suicidal over the past few days. I'm disappointed that I cracked and bought a pack but I just needed this stupid filthy habit to make me feel better, which it's not. It is just making my chest hurt which is distracting me from my emotional pain. Ugh, I suck.
You don't suck. I've kicked a few addictions, cigs were the toughest. Of course I quit hundreds of times, but one day I decided not to smoke anymore. If it got too bad, I would have a nicotine lozenge, but I refused to let myself smoke. Those lozenges were so gross that I gave them up after about three days, four days after that, I wasn't so irritable, two weeks later I didn't really want a cig very often, then in about two years I realized I hadn't even thought about them in awhile. The urges do eventually end, and those first three days really are the worst (the third in particular for me). Actually found that true for most addictions.


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I lasted about a week and a couple of days this time. I don't think it's the nicotene so much as something to distract myself and give me something to do. I crave the act of smoking more than the nicotene, I think. I do know that cigarettes are the hardest thing to quit. I need to learn better coping mechanisms. Thanks for your input and I'm glad to see that you made it through the smoke (ha-ha) so I will keep trying to do the same. I hope next time I can be stronger.


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I am trying again! This time I hope to succeed. All of the chain smoking has actually made me sick, and the one I had this morning almost made me throw up. I know it sounds backwards, but getting sick from it is what I need to finally give it up.

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