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Should I continue with my work trial?

I have a 2 week work trial that seems ok. It isnt going to pay much, it's £21k a year. I doubt ill be able to save any money with the cost of living in London.

I got scammed about an air b'n'b rental place which has put me out £1305. I'm now living in hotels and I've nearly run out of savings. I have one more week to prove myself, but is it worth it? To have a job where I wont make any money but just have enough to get by on?

I'm scared I will run out of money by the end of the week and will have no where to live. Should I just leave and try and find a job that I can live comfortably on? Or should I stay in london and stress myself silly about keeping a roof over my head?


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Hi Verity,
If the trial is going well, I'd say keep at it.
Yes £21k is peanuts to live on in London, but it's better than nothing. Besides there are 2 important things to consider
1) It's usually easier to find a job WHILST in employment
2) You will be in a better position to 'cherry pick' jobs you actually apply for which could give the option to get a job outside of London for more money given what it would be paying you.

Stick at it for a year - it will look good on a CV, and who knows they may even raise your salary if you want to stay in London.

Staying in hotels sounds expensive - maybe you could do a house-share or rent a room? (I don't know your age, but it would be a short-term-ish thing!)

Best of luck, let us know how it goes :)


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£21k isn't a lot of money for London at all - what is the job? Is it likely to lead to better opportunities? I agree with @BraveFace it is easier to get a job while you have a job so if you have no other options right now, you should stick with it.

I had a quick poke on rightmove and there are lots of flatshares that would be manageable on £21k (hotels are really expensive - I'd ditch that as soon as possible!) just by travelling in a little bit of a commute each morning.

Good luck :) Keep talking to us!
I guess so. Im 25, I've stayed in a few flat shares before, ranging from quite nice to awful. It can be ok.

It's a graphic design job, I have no idea if it will lead to better opportunities.

Thanks for your advice, I needed some re-assurance.


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The job sounds like a solid start - once you get some experience under your belt you can 'prove' your graphic design experience and then won't have to do a 'trial period' (no pay I am assuming). From there you can look further afield if you want.

My advise - 1st 3 months really get to know the job, I mean really, to the point where you could almost do it blindfold.
Then keep a portfolio of your good work and achievements.
If you have a 6 month review - bring up the possibilities of advancement both in terms of the company and finance.
Start setting up job alerts for similar work. You are not looking for a new job, just seeing what it out there. Window shopping!
At 10 months, review where you are at. Get a diary to schedule this in.

First thing though, when you get the job - I am positive you will! - review your accommodation and living expenses and adjust accordingly. Set a budget and stick with it.

I am quite excited for you, this sounds like it could be, all be it a tough time initially, a really great journey for you!


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Hi Verity and welcome to SF. I agree with what's already been said. Stick with it, get some experience and then start looking for something better. Good luck.


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Hi Verity

Welcome to SF :)

Would this be your first graphic design job? It's a pretty competitive field to get into so idI stick with it if you can. My goddaughter is a graphic designer and her first job after art school was quite poorly paid, just enough to get by on but it was tight. Four years down the line she is the design director at a great company just outside of London and is earning enough to be buying a flat doing a job she loves. It can take a while to build up the experience to go further but it is short term pain for long term gain.

Maybe you could get a job in a bar/restaurant a couple of evenings a week to give yourself a bit more disposable income? That would also be a good way to meet new friends if you're in a new area.
Thanks for the advice. It's my second graphic design job.

The first one I had out of uni made me so stressed that it affected my health and I had a differant infection or illness every week or so...I managed to stick it out for 6months but when I got shingles I quit to freelance instead which I didn't do very well.

My first job paid more than what I'm on now, but the atmosphere is much better at the new place.

I didn't think of getting a part time job in the evenings, that's probably a good idea.

I've been very depressed in bed for possibly 8 months on and off from heart break. I do find it very difficult to hold it in and pretend I'm fine when I so desperately want to go back to my depression nest. But your comments ar reassuring that there are good humans in the world. Thank you so much for listening.
Yeah, I am very heart broken. My ex was the man I could see myself actually having kids with and a nice life, he was wealthy enough to own a house and be able to afford a stable life. But we had trust issues that couldn't be resolved and I would panic over things which made him doubt me. We went on holiday to one summer and I saw he had been messaging a lot of girls asking to take nude pictures of them on instagram, and because I was sulking and didn't confront him because he was with his colleagues I ruined the holiday. We broke up because an ex of mine offered me a job when I was struggling to find one and he assumed we were having (or going to have) sex. It kills me, I thought getting a job would make him proud that I'm doing something useful. He insists we stay in contact but he only wants to have sex and tells me he doesnt love me any more. It hurts so much.

I wake up panicking. I'm not sure what to do about it. I had my first panic attack at uni and get bouts of anxiety which sometimes settles and other times is uncontrollable.

The flat I've moved into is very noisy on the weekends and I can't seem to get an ok sleep. The people upstairs have been playing very fast techno from 11pm last night and it is still playing (its now 9:50am). I have made a complaint to the council but they are not here and cannot hear it, so I don't know what will happen. I have weird skin infection under my arms from stress. My immune system just seems to close down when I'm feeling like this.
It sounds like he was a selfish person overall.

Maybe you're better off without him, even though it may hurt to break up with him.

I have weird skin infection under my arms from stress. My immune system just seems to close down when I'm feeling like this
Acupuncture works very well at treating stress related conditions. I happen to have a list of acupuncture teaching clinics in London. Many of them are free or low cost.

The people upstairs have been playing very fast techno from 11pm last night and it is still playing (its now 9:50am)
Sometimes people will respond well if you talk to them, but sometimes the complete opposite.

I'm not sure how the law works in the UK. I think under some laws you could simply not pay rent if the landlord can't take care of this.

If you have friends or relatives that live in quiet places, it might be best to see if you could visit them on the weekends for a while, until the problem either resolves or you can find a new flat.
i think you should stick with job if can :) like others have said, its easier to find a job when you have one already. also it sounds better when u go for an interview and someone askes you what you do it sounds better when u say your working in bla bla bla rather than oh i dont do anyting. i have a job atm too and i hate it but am trying to look for something else in the meantime. also have u considered supprot groups? im sure there are a few in london and it can be good way to meet like minded people and get support. i am due back in college soon and will go back to group when im up i nthe city :) just something to think about. also samaritans do a good helpline service can call them for free to vent

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