1. Dante

    Regular Covid Tests

    I work for a company that works for about 20-30 schools in the area, and since every staff member at the schools are doing regular covid tests, so are we and these covid self tests are invasive. You take a LONG stick with a sponge type thing on the end and swab your tonsils, 4 times each, for...
  2. Feinmharu


    So recently I have had a bit of free time. Still working, but work is slow. Still a bit stressful. Moving, new state, new job, etc. BUT... I (had to look up term, no health insurance, doc, therapist...) am disassociating bad. Like I dont remember doing work. Still getting things done from what I...
  3. bubblebear

    Empathy Only Making the transition

    I have posted here before because I was in college and this seemed like the most appropriate thread. Since my last post, i have somehow managed to finish my final year of college. and exam results came out two weeks ago and i passed *hi5 so thats a relief. However although the exam results have...
  4. A

    Thoughts On NEETs?

    This thread is similar to another thread i created but different what are your guys opinions on NEETs? for those who don't know NEET is an acronym from The UK. it stands for Not In Employment Education Or Training it refers to people who are unemployed not in school and not in vocational...
  5. A


    What are your guys thoughts on NEETS? for those who don't know NEET is an acronym from The UK. it stands for Not In Employment Education Or Training it refers to people who are unemployed not in school and not in vocational training. I have been a NEET for 5 years now i used to go outside...
  6. CBunny9

    Got sent home from work yesterday

    My boss noticed I wasn’t quite myself and brought me into her office. She’s super sweet and kind and lovely and she made sure I understood this was not boss-to-employee, but rather human-to-human, and asked if I was okay. I basically had a total breakdown in her office and told her how I’ve been...
  7. CBunny9

    I lied about being sick to get out of work today

    I feel bad about it but all I wanted to do all day was sleep and I’m 100% unmotivated to do anything. I feel so overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t even begin to cry even though I know I need to. I’m so frustrated. I feel bad for calling out because I never do but I also know I need to take...
  8. lilly123

    I believe my coworker is threatened of me

    Hey I need some advice about work relationships and how to handle this situation. So my coworker who was hired 5 months before me used to do this on going project when it first started. He has recently started a larger and more established on going project and does both projects very well. I...
  9. Verity Clarke

    Should I continue with my work trial?

    I have a 2 week work trial that seems ok. It isnt going to pay much, it's £21k a year. I doubt ill be able to save any money with the cost of living in London. I got scammed about an air b'n'b rental place which has put me out £1305. I'm now living in hotels and I've nearly run out of savings...
  10. lilly123

    Can you survive a bad first impression in the workplace

    I made a combination of what I consider good, and what my new acting manager considers bad first impressions. And naturally I am panicking that I'm a complete failure and will never be seen as a valuable employee again. So just I just want to know, is it possible to be seen as a non valuable...
  11. serend1pitous

    How Can I Stop Caring What My Coworkers Do (Or Don't Do)?

    I work in an office with 6 other women, which I find unfortunate because women are a little more gossipy and back-staby than men; I think some testosterone would do us a lot of good, truth be told. There are 2 directors who, quite frankly, suck at their job. Some of it is due to incompetence and...
  12. lightning05

    Stressed to the max

    Lately I have just been feeling like utter shit. As I've mentioned on forums before I hate my job but cannot leave until January of next year (leaving is not an option or I would have done so by now, trust me). Even though I am on the payroll and have been an employee there since May 2016...
  13. lightning05

    Bad Timing

    I've been really sick for the past couple of days but my job has been on top of me for missing days. I have genuinely been consistently sick these past couple of months and I have gotten a barrage of tests to figure out why. I am not faking it and I now have anxiety because it's Halloween. So I...
  14. lightning05

    Work Write Up

    Last week I was having a really bad depressive episode with debilitating anxiety to the point where I was making myself physically ill. I talked to my supervisor and manager about it and I took the last 3 work days off. I thought that was it. I went to work yesterday and everything was fine...
  15. lightning05

    Missing Work

    This week I missed the last 3 days of work due to severe panic attacks and a depressive episode. I was bombarded with sucidial thoughts when driving (and I also work around a lot of sharp objects). I talked to my supervisor and he cleared me to take time off and get better. I know this may not...
  16. U

    All around, seems like I'm not good enough

    Here's some background: I am attending college, have been for four years. My academics have been all over the place as it seems like one semester can be more difficult than another, which results in lower grades. I went to college straight out of high school and have always felt as though I...
  17. Jack D

    Finding a job after university

    I've noticed that this sub-forum hasn't gotten an awful lot of content at this moment in time, so I thought it would be beneficial to a lot of people if I talked about an issue that I, and I'm sure plenty of other people are facing. Im still in my second year of university, on a three-year...
  18. Jack D

    Motivation for work

    As some of my previous rantings may suggest, I am pretty awful at keeping myself willing and motivated to do work and certain assignments, and at University, this is especially a problem. Rather than complain and spout out my usual rantings about it as I normally would, I've decided to be more...
  19. Rockclimbinggirl

    I have a date tomorrow

    So a guy at work asked me out and I said yes. He knows that I am a part-time student this year. But other than that he doesn't know much about me. Just a bit nervous about it. I don't really like people touching me.
  20. Rockclimbinggirl

    So much to balance

    So I guess I am the first one to post in this section. Just trying to figure out how to juggle work, school, mental health, and the rest of life. Things like meal planning. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow. I have no veggies or fruits left. Not even onions :p