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What's the difference?

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Is wanting to die because the pain is too much the same as wanting to disappear? Sorry if this is not a clear question but I'll try and explain.

I just noticed that most people that are suicidal have so much pain that they want an end to it. I for one am not in the same kind of pain that one would experience in very abusive circumstances.
I still want to disappear though. Like just to not exist, to have never of been born at all. I kind've feel like an imposter in a way because I feel that I cant add myself to the "suicidal" tag when speaking to therapists because It's just not the same.
They have reasons to feel that way....I don't. I just want to not experience life. So is this the same as being suicidal in the traditions sense ?
They have reasons to feel that way....I don't
It sounds like you may have a reason too, it's just that there's no obvious external factor that you can point to.

I think it's ok to say you're suicidal if you want to disappear. It's just that you don't know or can't really articulate why it is.


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It reminds of a saying of Dr Philip Nitshke talking about suicide, people who are suicidal don't want to necessarily die, they just don't want to suffer, or want the pain to stop.
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