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Hello and goodnight :)

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I have not much to say, I feel diennand all but I would rather try and make someone a little but better....
I myself feel superfluous a expense to those around me, and right now I am in a bot so good condition economical and have very few friends (if at all)/ let's just say people to talk with.
Regardless everything and everyday seem to blur together but I don't see anything around me to do me, or anything that I can do actually... be it because of money, time, qualifications or distance....
Anyway I wanted to say hi to people going through these forum. Good morning/ day/ evening/ night. I hope you can find a goal or motivation to keep going, even if just little steps. I am trying but what I desire most is to never have had the burden to be born and to go live life... i feel I am barely holding up, but one step at a time I think eventually things improve but I am very lonely and selfdecripating if that's the right word.
Best wishes to you and have a virtual hug if you are reading this.
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