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I want to end up as corpse

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Hello forum members,
in the last time I'm really often depressed and in bad mood. I've less money, no friends, no graduation... And 2 days ago I was robbed at the train station and I lost my pocket including important things like Perso, Credit Card, Money etc. I hate myself, I've stuck of life... I want to give up trying to be existent in my current life. I want to end up as corpse so I can be dead friendly and in peace.

I am taking Fluoxetine 40 currently, but it does not help me of any way. Please, kill me, the pains are too strong...

~ Have a nice day, I am highly depressed :(


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Hi @Liwu,

I am sorry that you are feeling so distressed, I know how hard it is to keep ploughing through life, as many others here do. I would ask your doctor to increase your medication or change it if it is having no effect. The right medication can do wonders for mood and anxiety. Make an appointment asap, until then keep posting here, call local helplines and/or speak to friends and family. Take care of yourself.


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I would echo what Angel has said. Please stay in this place a while longer . . . things can change if you are still alive to experience that. I know the world often seems like complete sh*t, but there are beautiful people and amazing experiences you can have if you can ride out this painful time. Find friends who can help you. Looking here is a great place to start. Maybe you have a therapist you can talk to or can find a good one? And if you get desperate call the suicide hotline. Please don't give up - you can make this world a better place. We need you!
Taking your life or harming yourself is never the answer. It's easy to fall into despair when you're feeling overwhelmed. I encourage you to seek second or third opinions regarding what medication you may need and what may actually help. I know from experience that some meds do more harm than good depending on the side effects. I used to take hormones, and one of the side effects were depression and suicidal tendencies. Needless to say, it exasperated the emotional pain I was already in and I did try to take my life. It was a scary situation. I was blessed to have come through it unscathed. I'll be praying that you discover the right paths that lead to the right people and community to support you. You're not alone!


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Hi @Liwu, nice to see you on the forum again. I agree with the others that you may need the dose of your meds changed, or even a different med. The right med at the right dose should make you feel better, so please tell your doctor how you're feeling asap. I also think you have PTSD due to all the trauma you have suffered in your young life, and wonder if you are receiving any kind of therapy for this?

Please don't do anything to harm yourself because your life is precious and you deserve the best after everything that's happened to you. I believe in you, and that with the right help and support, you will make it through. Just believe that the past doesn't determine the future and can be overcome, no matter how bad. What happened to you was so wrong, but freedom is possible, and you deserve to be happy.


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Sorry you're having a bad time right now but remember that this time is fleeting, man. Life isn't always a robbery or some bad moments or days in a row even. You've got a whole life to live out in front of you, I hope you give yourself a chance to see that. Seriously. We're all here to give you a hand if you wanna come back and talk. Take care.
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