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  1. Tana

    Is it selfish/pointless to live like this? *could be triggering*

    Please don't read this if you're not in a good place, I just need to get it off my chest... I guess, what I want is people saying, "Oh no, it's not", but really, just, I don't know anymore. If there's hope I want to stay a little longer and make a change but, it seems like there's no hope at...
  2. zuicidalgoth

    tired of trying and confused.

    so when i first came to this site i was excited to be around these amazingly strong and brave people. so this site means everything to me. i have severe ocd so ocd tends to trigger on things that you care and cherish. becuz of that im scared shitless that i would post something inappropriate or...
  3. U

    All around, seems like I'm not good enough

    Here's some background: I am attending college, have been for four years. My academics have been all over the place as it seems like one semester can be more difficult than another, which results in lower grades. I went to college straight out of high school and have always felt as though I...