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  1. faeful

    I tried my very best

    I always do try to contain such negative feelings within. I wasn't even in the site for awhile. I tried to do what I loved again and for some time, I actually felt a little alive. But like always, there has to be a price for that quick happiness. Now I'm back to square one again. Thinking about...
  2. IFeelLikeAnAlien95

    Feeling like I don't exist

    3 weeks ago I fell down some stairs and i broke my 5th metatarsal. It has left me unable to work and house-bound. Lately I've felt really isolate and worthless. It's like I don't exist anymore. Since I'm on crutches its hard to get out or do much and i feel like a pest if i go out because its a...
  3. cameronm896

    I Really Don't Know What This Title Should Be II: Electric Boogaloo

    Let me begin by saying this; For whatever fucked up reason, my mind just cannot accept that being a virgin at 20 years old is normal. Now, typically I hide my loneliness, depression, poverty, social anxiety, concern about my lack of sexual activity (I even lie to my doctor), the list goes on...
  4. Dante

    If you feel you are worthless, then change it.

    When you are depressed you can often feel worthless, you look at your life and the lives of those around you and see that you don't matter, and often when you are depressed you withdraw so completely that you have already taken yourself out of the world so taking that last step and ending it all...
  5. Cyda

    Always second choice

    I've never had a real relationship in my life (I feel really pathetic about it since I'm almost 22) But I got close to having one 2 times. And two times something or someone was more important than me. And it hurts a lot. I just have the feeling as if I'm not good enough. Like I'm worth...
  6. L

    i'm scaring myself

    :( lately i've been feeling ugly and useless my dad is chronically ill and i'm one of the main caretakers it's just all so overwhelming and stressful to have to hear their aches and pains and fight over their own sadness when i'm sad too i used to be an artist i used to love to write and to sing...
  7. imalone

    Why do I even try?

    It's been a while since I've been active on this site as I thought i was getting better. But I was wrong. Recently I've been upset and angry ALL the time. I've never wanted to eat, I've never been able to sleep (and when I do it's for about 5 minutes and usually about myself committing suicide)...