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Is pushing people away basically a fight or flight response?


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Like I noticed today I was in a great mood and decided I wanted to visit my bf at work. I’ve been in a funk the past few days and haven’t wanted to be around anyone, even him. But I figured since I was feeling a bit better I would visit.

As soon as I was with him I felt all my walls go up. I was irritated at everything he did and just wanted to be alone immediately. I felt like I wanted to run and cry and scream but mostly run.

But because I knew I couldn’t leave I just put my defenses up. Like me being irritated at everything that wouldn’t normally bother me was my fight. My instinct to not look at him and to just want to go home and be alone was my flight.

Is this basically what happens when I’m feeling low and disconnected/not like myself and I just want to push everyone I love away?


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I've had something similar and it always seemed to happen after intimacy. Avoiding intimacy made it go away. Not sure what it means.

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