5 Cartoons That Show What Its Like to Live With Anxiety

Making a phone call might seem like a simple thing for most people,  but when you suffer from anxiety it can take hours to psych yourself up to the point it is even possible to dial the number.

Phone call Anxiety

Socializing become such a mine field of potential problems and panic that it seems like the only possible thing to say to an invitation to hang out is ‘no’ – even if you really really want to go.

Social Anxiety

It is impossible to ‘let things go’ and sometimes you spend hours worrying about every single thing you have ever done in your life that might have been bad, wrong or harmful to yourself or someone else.

Anxiety 5

And that kind of worrying can lead to such overwhelming exhaustion and fear about facing the day that it feels impossible to get out out of bed at all.

Anxiety Stay in Bed

And even when you are trying your very hardest to believe that you are strong and capable (things that feel like superhuman powers a lot of the time) your ability to jump to conclusions and twist innocent statements and thoughts into world class catastrophes undermines your confidence in a second.

Anxiety Girl

Anxiety is not something you can “just get over” – it is hard work and needs professional help and a lot of support. If you need to talk to someone, join our community (if you need to just lurk for a few days before you feel brave enough to speak to anyone, we totally understand!)

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