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  1. Soda-Voxel

    I'm running out of time.

    I don't feel like I have long left. I don't want to die, theres lots of things I love in life - but the pain is too great for me to keep going. Every time I have even a slight problem, my immediate thought is "Well, I can just kill myself to avoid this". I'm so exhausted. Hating myself every...
  2. Soda-Voxel

    I feel so hopeless.

    Even though I had a wonderful day today, I still want to off myself after all this. I’m trying so, so hard to have hope. I need to be here for my friends, I have to help them, I have to stay alive. There are things I love, people I love, to be here for. But I just hate myself far too much. The...
  3. Soda-Voxel

    i hate myself

    There's not any aspect I like about myself. Even if I have a good moment where I like something I do for a few hours, it never lasts. I always come back to realising what a failure I am. I can't draw or write well, my ideas are awful, I'm ugly and stupid, I don't have any talents or redeeming...