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I need to tell my friends...

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2 of my friends are currently mad at me and and aren't talking with me. One is my roommate which makes it really hard. I'm really struggling and need help from my friends though but since their mad at me I feel like I can't bring my feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide up to them without sounding manipulative. I don't want to tell them because I want them to not be mad at me, though I would like them to not be mad at me, but I don't want to sound manipulative. It's been over a day now and I haven't heard a word from them or seen either of them. What should I do?


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Talk with someone else if you need to like a doctor or school therapist until
you patch things up with your friends. If your struggles are part of the reason they are angry then you will need to address that with them. Apologies work well and will help open the pathway to discussing your thoughts.


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@Striking has a point. Just talking to them can help solve the problem. Find out why they are angry and search for a way to lessen the anger and chill the mood if that doesnt work apologice and tell then you want to talk to them again because u still like them alot and need them. If u know each other for a long time a grudge wont be hold for long ;) and if u dont have someone to talk to principals or teachers are a start. And u can tell them to ceep it to themselfes. Hope you got someone line that.
If not just talk to us we are always here for you!
Maybe you should seek someone who is neutral .... therapist or someone who is not your close friend, roommate, or families who wont judge you about your depression and suicidal thoughts. Im sure if you bring the subject up to your friends will seem like too much for them to handle.


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Hi there, a heart felt apology can go a long way, you can get through this with our support, I'd apologise to them then seek professional help. You need to, it could save your life, do you want to talk about why you friends are ma at you? You might be going through a lot but we can go through it together. You're far from alone @madridland

Best wishes x
Thank you all for the replies. Problem is I've apologized for my part (which as I snapped a little) and I also reached out to them and they've been totally ignoring me. I don't know how to talk to them if they won't talk back. But I do need to talk to them. I talked to someone else I'm close with, two people actually.But I really need to talk to them as them ignoring me is making my feelings lot worse.
My problem isn't that I'm worried they'll judge me for feeling depressed, my worry is that if I tell them I'm depressed they will think I'm telling them with the express reason to get them to talk to me again. But really I just don't think they know how much this small petty disagreement is having an effect on me.
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