1. lightning05

    Things are getting worse

    I'm slowly getting worse even though I am trying to derail the depression. I can't seem to stay positive right now. Getting up and going to this job that has become to make me miserable and angry is so hard. It's hard for me to even control my emotions at work and knowing I am stuck there for...
  2. lightning05

    All hope is lost

    I cry every day before I go to work and when I come home. Sometimes I even go in the bathroom and cry at work. Right now I feel stuck in life. Stuck at this job that doesn't care about me (but can't leave because there are literally no other jobs in this area that I can get this training in)...
  3. lightning05

    Missing Work

    This week I missed the last 3 days of work due to severe panic attacks and a depressive episode. I was bombarded with sucidial thoughts when driving (and I also work around a lot of sharp objects). I talked to my supervisor and he cleared me to take time off and get better. I know this may not...
  4. lightning05

    Here we go again

    Depression has slowly crept back into my life and with it, the suicidal thoughts. I constantly feel lonely. I constantly feel down. I constantly wonder if this is a cycle I am going to have to deal with forever. I want to seek help but with my new insurance plan I can't afford it. I can barely...
  5. JustADude

    I want to die.

    My family has brought me to the point where I just want to die and get my life over with fast. My sister (16)constantly bullies me and she fights me although if i fight her it's an automatic sin in the eyes of my parents. My brother (8) gets his way no matter what and is always "right", as well...
  6. Odd_Panda24

    Struggling to move forward

    My family used to be really, so I understand that the older generations want everyone to be "best friends". Recently however I seem to be having a really hard time keeping my relationship as strong as it used to be with my cousin, T. T and I grew up inseparable but in the past few years he's...
  7. Rockclimbinggirl

    I do not see a point in trying

    I just do not. I tried to spend as much time as possible asleep this past weekend. Being asleep, gives me a break. I am hating being awake. I cannot get my brain to stop thinking about abuse.
  8. Rockclimbinggirl

    So much to balance

    So I guess I am the first one to post in this section. Just trying to figure out how to juggle work, school, mental health, and the rest of life. Things like meal planning. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow. I have no veggies or fruits left. Not even onions :p
  9. lanasummer

    I was sexual assaulted.

    Hi all, I haven't been active on this forum for months but here goes.... Last year, I was brave enough to get help for my depression and self harming issues. I was put on medication and I have received therapy. But that didn't help me much. I didn't know how to tell my Doctor that all I wanted...
  10. Z

    Am I in the right track?

    hello everyone, this is my second post in SF. I just wanna talk to you by this post to tell you about my anxiety that occurs to me recently. So, i am 20 y.0 college student from Indonesia. I took major in MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) its like learning about how to...