Emotional Support

Articles and Help with emotional needs and how to ask for and get support.

Social Media Depression – How Dangerous Is It?


Have you ever looked at your Facebook feed and felt inadequate, lonely and left out? If you have, you are far from alone. People who check their social media accounts regularly have been found to be nearly three times more likely to suffer from depression in a study by the University of…

Does Talking Really Help?


Everybody says that people should talk about problems and not bottle them up. Is that good advice? According to both old adages and modern psychologists the answer is a clear yes. Talking through things that are bothering a person allows them to define the problem, keep it in perspective, and…

Suicide Methods – 10 Ways to Die


There are more than a million searches for methods of suicide and ways to commit suicide every month. That is according to just one of the largest search engines – there are many many more from others. That is a scary number to think about, that there are that many…