1. R


    My family is full of homophobic b*stards and I feel lucky if I live through another holiday. I can't go into details anymore because I feel like I am losing it.
  2. lightning05


    Over the past few months (since August) I have been dating someone and was starting to really like them. It wasn't getting serious or anything but we were going out and enjoying each other's company. A couple of days ago he told me that in the last month he got back in a relationship with his...
  3. C

    Too dependent

    I feel like I rely on people to much. I don't know how to do a lot of things a 22 year old should be able to do. I worry able if I'll ever get my driving license, how to get insurance on things, health care, I even had a nightmare about not knowing how to fill out a bank deposit slip. I get my...
  4. some_random_name

    You have me :( (Trigger warning)

    I fuck up, I mess up and sadly you have me. You're stuck with a losing horse. I am not that smart. I make average grades and I'm sad all the time but as you may be stuck with me I am blessed with you. Thank you for sticking around or I would be sticking around the ceiling in pieces.
  5. Rockclimbinggirl

    Loss of uncle

    My dad's uncle passed away a few nights ago. He lived next door to my grandparents so growing up my cousins and I use to go to Sunday dinners at his house. There were also some Christmas Eves spent there with all of my cousins.
  6. Z

    Am I in the right track?

    hello everyone, this is my second post in SF. I just wanna talk to you by this post to tell you about my anxiety that occurs to me recently. So, i am 20 y.0 college student from Indonesia. I took major in MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) its like learning about how to...
  7. K

    I need people to talk to. I don't think I'm cut out to live

    I'm only a 17 year old high schooler who turns 18 in 2 weeks. I'm not even in the real world yet and I can't take it. I have few friends and the ones I do are considered loosers at school along with me. We get made fun of for being "hipsters" and even the nerdy kids make fun of us. I have...
  8. Misty S.

    Need a job. Can't get a job. Can't deal.

    I'm 20 and never had a job. The entirety of the time I've been with my bf, I haven't been making money. He did help me once get a job at the restaurant where he used to work but they let me go after a month (they even had me work new year's eve) and I only ever received one paycheck worth $35...
  9. L

    i'm scaring myself

    :( lately i've been feeling ugly and useless my dad is chronically ill and i'm one of the main caretakers it's just all so overwhelming and stressful to have to hear their aches and pains and fight over their own sadness when i'm sad too i used to be an artist i used to love to write and to sing...
  10. CandleLight

    Feeling bad.

    I feel bad. Someone just hurt my feelings, and while I know it was unintentional I wish the person could have been more gentle. I am feeling really sensitive, it's hard to cope today. Please help.
  11. NotFeelingWell

    What is the point, really?

    I'd like to unload a bit, if that's okay. I'm about 2.5 years into a depression that feels like it's just taken over my life. It sucks to put it mildly. I'm nearing my 40's and on the outside, have a good thing going on. Married with 2 kids, nice house, good job etc etc. It's on the...
  12. V

    I want to scream

    I have nightmares almost every night. There is so much going on in my head that I can't explain it all. It's eating me alive and I want to feel normal again. I feel as though my experience of life is determined by the people you meet along the way. That is to say if you meet crappy people your...